Our Services

We offer many services ranging from Application Development to Machine Learning

Software Development

Our core offering is based around creating and enhancing full end-to-end platforms such as web portals, APIs and external integrations. Our engineers are proficient with Ruby on Rails, React and AWS eco-systems but we can adapt to almost any environment quickly.

We can turn your latest idea into an MVP or suppliment your existing development team quickly build out your most requested features.

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Performance Consulting

Not only can we build your platform, but we also ensure it runs at peak efficiency. Detection of slow queries, intelligent use of caching and front-end delivery optimization are just some of the solutions that can help your business outperform the best.

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Mobile Application Development

Need a complimentary iOS and/or Android application to consume your highly tuned APIs?

We work exclusively with React Native to enable much quicker turn around on multiple platforms.

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Machine Learning

The latest offering in our stack is turning your meaningless data into intelligent business insights.

Quick integration of services such as Amazon Machine Learning or Google TensorFlow.

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